Portrait Sessions for Hotel Guests

These services are offered to New Orleans area hotel guests 

These packages are unique and are offered in addition to the regular portrait sessions offered by Christopher Ryan of Arabi Visual Arts.  Christopher is an international conceptual photographer whose unique portraits have been exhibited throughout Thailand and the United States.  

Christopher’s portraits are known for having a unique and intimate feel that truly capture the essence of the subject in a particular setting.

We will be more than happy to assist clients with recommendations for stylists, costume rental shops, makeup artists, body painters, and hair stylists but cannot assume any responsibility for their services.

Please call Christopher at 504-373-9476 to get started!

Photography Packages & Types

In Their Rooms – Adults Only

Sexy thai lady in lingerie posing on a bed in a hotel room while making a selfie with a Polaroid camera.

This is a unique boudoir, lingerie, or nude portrait session for individuals or couples.  This session is perfect for newlyweds, but highly recommended for anyone.  Clients representing any type of physique or ability level are welcome.  In addition to being a photographer, Christopher has been a fine-arts model for over 30 years and will gladly guide solo clients or couples to create beautiful images they will treasure for the rest of their life.

The session will begin with a short consultation to establish the goals of the session and establish boundaries of both the client and the photographer.  Next, a series of small speedlights will be placed in the room to enhance the desired effect.  Then it is on to the poses, which will take advantage of the elements in the room, including the bed, sofa, lounge chairs, wet bar, shower, balcony, etc. This will obviously vary by room type. 

Typically this will be limited to the guest’s room unless other arrangements have been made in advance in writing from hotel staff.

Restrictions: We will not work with obviously intoxicated clients.  There will be no physical contact between the photographer and client during the session.  These are fine-arts sessions and full nudity is permitted.  However, we refuse to photograph actual sex acts.  

Each one hour session will yield five to ten images with basic edits.  Additional services are available upon request such as complex retouching at a rate of $50 per hour.  The images will be 1200 pixels in width sent via email.  Client may choose to order prints from our local professional lab (see price table below), or pay an additional $100 fee to receive a print release enabling them to take to a printer of their choosing.

$300 for a one hour session.  This is one full hour of shooting after the short consultation. $300 for a one hour session.  This is one full hour of shooting after the short consultation.

In Their Rooms – Families and/or Children

Ukrainian ballerina playing with her young son in a hotel room.


This portrait session is similar to the above, with the exception that nudity is not permitted by any person.  This session is recommended for guests with larger suites to show the family enjoying the room together, or activities such as in-room dining, kids gaming, kids jumping on the bed, etc.  This is your chance to be creative – wear a bathrobe with towel wrapped around your head, poke your feet out from under the covers, play like the iron is a telephone!  

The session will start with a brief consultation to ensure that all participants are comfortable with the plan and know they can refuse any suggestions made by the photographer, parents, siblings, etc.  The photographer will discontinue the session if any adult is asking anyone (child or adult) to do anything in appropriate or that makes them uncomfortable.

Note that we offer a $100 discount on this package for anyone that elects to sign appropriate model releases which enable the photographer to use the works for publication, exhibitions, social media, and fine-arts prints.  This is strictly optional, otherwise 100% privacy is assured.

$200 to $300 for a one hour session.  This is one full hour of shooting after the short consultation.

On The Streets – Adults, Kids with Parents, and/or Families

Muslim family holding their young son in the air while standing near the Mekong River in Laos.

This is a session meant to capture your amazing time in New Orleans with professional photos and no need to ask strangers to take a photo with your cell phone.  We can begin right in front of your hotel or any location you choose.  

Book this for as many hours as you like so that we can document your incredible time in New Orleans.  Just ask and will be glad to point out some of the more unusual scenes such as unique street art, abandoned buildings, bayous, etc.

The client is responsible for ensuring the photographer is allowed at each venue, though we will do our best to advise as well.  For example, City Park requires a photography permit which must be applied for in advance.  If a list is provided in advance we will even make the call for you.  The same goes for locations on hotel property such as the pool area.  We will not shoot where it is not permitted.

Includes at least 20 images with basic edits for each hour booked.

$200 for the first hour plus expenses (parking, ride shares, admission fees), and $150 for each additional hour.

On the Streets – Just the Kids

This is exactly the same as the package above, but we have discounted the price  to allow you to hire a child care professional during the session and enjoy some adult time.  The child care person may also be a sibling or relative age 16 or older.  

For safety reasons this is only available during daylight hours and cannot be used on locations where large crowds are expected such as Mardi Gras parades, French Quarter Festival, Jazz Fest, etc.  

$150 for the first hour plus expenses (parking, ride shares, admission fees), and $100 for each additional hour.

Additional Costs and Disclosures

  • Prints must be made through Arabi Visual Arts at the rates shown below.  Clients wishing to work with their own printer may elect to pay an extra $200 fee to receive a limited print release and full resolution files which we will send through a file transfer service such as WeTransfer or DropBox.
  • These works may not be sold to a third party for any purpose, we maintain the copyright to all work.
  • Clients participating in any photoshoot must be at least 18 years old, OR accompanied by their parent or legal guardian OR designated care-giver in the case of the “On the Streets – Just the Kids” package.
  • Location related fees such as parking, permits, venue admission, etc. will be billed to the client.  We do not assume responsibility for situations out of our control such as weather, uncooperative staff at venues, and similar.  
  • Booking and cancellation:  We do not book any date or time until at least a 50% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit has been made.  Full payment is due within 24 hours of the scheduled time.  
  • Cancellation Insurance:  Pay an extra $100 fee which will enable you to receive a full refund if your session is cancelled at least 24 hours in advance.  Receive a 50% refund with at least two hours notice.  The $100 insurance fee is not refunded.
  • Cancellation due to inclement weather:  This applies to outdoor location shoots only.  If cancellation insurance was purchased, receive a full refund (minus the insurance fee) up to and including the minute the session is scheduled.  Without the insurance, we will allow ONE reschedule OR credit towards a studio shoot with two hours notice.

Proof Sheets and Review Consultations

For an additional $100 fee, we will provide proof sheets via email (clearly watermarked with the word PROOF on each image, or allow up to a one hour side-by-side session to review the images in the studio.  In either case, we reserve the right to delete any images which are entirely unsuitable due to focus or exposure issues.  

Additional Selection Rounds

Double the amount of images provided in any session for an additional $50.

High Quality Printing

We use Professional Color Service in Metairie for printing.  Payment for prints must be made in advance to Arabi Visual Arts.  The prints may be picked up in our studio, or sent via US mail.

Coming soon clients will be able to order their own prints in a huge variety of formats.  This service will be offered at no extra charge to all previous clients as well.

The minimum order is $100

Size Price
8″ X 10″ $19
8″ X 12″ $24
10″ X 10″ $24
16″ X 20″ $40
16″ X 24″ $45
20″ X 20″ $50
24″ X 36″ $85
30″ X 40″ $100
30″ X 30″ $75