Portrait Sessions

Available in the studio or on location

Arabi Visual Arts owner, Christopher Ryan offers a variety of portrait packages in the studio as well as on location in the New Orleans area and available for travel worldwide.  Prices shown below should be considered as estimates only.  Please email or call to schedule a free 30 minute consultation for firm prices. 

All basic packages will include images 1200 pixels in width without a print release.   Clients seeking work for commercial purposes or that require a print release should be very clear with their intentions.  A free 30 minute consultation is highly recommended. 

Photography Packages & Types

Standard Headshots

This is a standard corporate type headshot, from the shoulders up with a standard solid background in your choice of white, black, or grey.  Basic editing is included and the client is provided with one image at 1200 pixels in width, which is more than suitable for websites, social media, etc.  

Includes 1 image only.

In the studio: $100  |  One person on location $200  |  Five or more employees on location $100 each & up

Actors and Models

This session includes a standard corporate type headshot, plus a full length portrait.  Very basic editing is included.  We will not provide retouching on this work as an accurate portrayal of your likeness should be provided.  

Additional “looks” can be added, but wardrobe change time is limited to 15 minutes between each additional look.  Actors should consider adding looks suitable to the roles they are seeking, and may include:  formal, business attire, athletic, swimsuit, lingerie, street clothes, etc.

Includes 1 headshot, 1 full length portrait, and one image from each additional “look”.

Basic package: $250  |  Each additional “look”: $75  |  Updates within six months 50% off!

Physique Portraits and Athlete Portraits

This session includes special overhead lighting to accentuate the subject’s body.  Overhead rigging is available for gymnastics rings, climbing rope, or similar gear.  The subject may be shirtless, in athletic gear, sports bra, etc.  These are not to be confused with sports photography in which the athlete is in motion, this is about the body and the intensity of the eyes.  

This session includes a higher degree of editing, and at least 3 final images provided.

Includes 5 images with basic edits.

Basic package: $250  | On location pricing for multiple athletes starting at $500

Family Portraits

Please note these are generally “standing” portraits, or with one or two chairs.  This is not a typical family portrait studio with sofas and such.

Includes 5 images with basic edits.

Basic package: $250  |  On location in your home or appropriate venue starting at $350

Lingerie, Nude, and Boudoir

Session with fabric backdrops, props, and soft lighting to accentuate the figure.  

Includes 10 images with basic edits.

Basic studio package: $250  |  On location – starting at $350 | Add $100 for couples


Portrait session in your favorite cosplay gear.  Clients must be camera-ready upon arrival, or deduct preparation time from the one hour session.  

Includes 10 images with basic edits.

Basic studio package: $150  |  Add another costume for a 2nd hour: $100 | On location: $200 per hour of shooting

Activity Photography

This is perfect for individuals, couples, or families on vacation.  Christopher will accompany you to any of your scheduled events and capture a variety of candid and posed photos to document your special moments.  The client assumes the responsibility of ensuring the photographer is allowed at your events.  Be careful as some venues such as City Park require a special permit.  We will provide you with at least one image from each situation covered, but most likely many more.

Please note that we do not recommend this service for crowded events such as street level Mardi Gras parades.

Includes 20 images with basic edits.

On location price: $200 per hour plus expenses such as parking, and admission fees.  

Additional Costs and Disclosures

  • Prints must be made through Arabi Visual Arts at the rates shown below.  Clients wishing to work with their own printer may elect to pay an extra $200 fee to receive a limited print release and full resolution files which we will send through a file transfer service such as WeTransfer or DropBox.
  • These works may not be sold to a third party for any purpose, we maintain the copyright to all work.
  • Clients participating in any photoshoot must be at least 18 years old, OR accompanied by their parent or legal guardian.
  • Only one additional person who is not involved in a session may be present during the shoot.  In the case of children, both parents (but no more) may be present.  
  • Location related fees such as parking, permits, venue admission, etc. will be billed to the client.  We do not assume responsibility for situations out of our control such as weather, uncooperative staff at venues, and similar.  
  • Booking and cancellation:  We do not book any date or time until at least a 50% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit has been made.  Full payment is due within 24 hours of the scheduled time.  
  • Cancellation Insurance:  Pay an extra $100 fee which will enable you to receive a full refund if your session is cancelled at least 24 hours in advance.  Receive a 50% refund with at least two hours notice.  The $100 insurance fee is not refunded.
  • Cancellation due to inclement weather:  This applies to outdoor location shoots only.  If cancellation insurance was purchased, receive a full refund (minus the insurance fee) up to and including the minute the session is scheduled.  Without the insurance, we will allow ONE reschedule OR credit towards a studio shoot with two hours notice.
  • Theme setup:  For clients that wish to create special backdrops and settings, you will be required to book the studio space for an additional $50 per hour.  You MUST take into account the time needed to prepare your own scene as well as the cleanup.  Smoke effects are NOT permitted, but you may add our water based fog machine for an extra $50.

Proof Sheets and Review Consultations

For an additional $100 fee, we will provide proof sheets via email (clearly watermarked with the word PROOF on each image, or allow up to a one hour side-by-side session to review the images in the studio.  In either case, we reserve the right to delete any images which are entirely unsuitable due to focus or exposure issues.  

Additional Selection Rounds

Double the amount of images provided in any session for an additional $100.

High Quality Printing

We use Professional Color Service in Metairie for printing.  Payment for prints must be made in advance to Arabi Visual Arts.  The prints may be picked up in our studio, or sent via US mail.

The minimum order is $100

Size Price
8″ X 10″ $19
8″ X 12″ $24
10″ X 10″ $24
16″ X 20″ $40
16″ X 24″ $45
20″ X 20″ $50
24″ X 36″ $85
30″ X 40″ $100
30″ X 30″ $75