A Celebration of the Human Body

This group photography exhibition features an interesting mix of local, national, and international photographers.  The unifying theme is the human body, which is demonstrated throughout these works as not only the physical aspect of the human physique, but also reinforcing the idea that all humans compose one body of people.  The works include humans in street photography, environmental portraits, and studies of both hands and feet.

Visitors will definitely find something they love as the images are presented in a variety of formats: framed prints, canvas prints, framed diptychs mounted in tins, digital slideshow, pinned prints, books and eZines!

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Hours and Opening Reception

December 8th through December 12th 9 a.m. to 8:00 p.m

Opening Reception Saturday December 11th from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.


This event is hosted by Arabi Visual Arts in the St. Claude Arts Building and is only a few minutes away from the New Orleans Bywater neighborhood.

6707 St. Claude Avenue

Arabi, LA 70032



The Artists and their Installations

Christopher Ryan


Christopher is an American photographer who briefly studied photography at San Diego City College and quickly departed for a five-year world tour shooting his favorite subjects: abandoned and decaying structures, children and adolescents, and fine art nudes.  Christopher traveled extensively over four continents during this period and is pleased to share that incredible journey with PhotoNola visitors. 

Christopher will present works from several ongoing series:

  • Nudes in the Landscape is a collection of artistic nudes images of models featured against the backdrop of stunning landscapes in Iceland, Thailand and USA.
  • Youthful Ambition introduces the viewer to young athletes from around the world.  Their toned physiques combined with determined gazes are as compelling as their individual stories.
  • Focus on Feet provides a unique close-up look at the most overlooked part of the human body.  The focus is both literal and figurative.  
  • Youth & Urban Decay captures the beauty of youth, set against the backdrop of crumbling, abandoned structures.  This is Christopher’s most ambitious project which has covered 12 countries and been featured in multiple exhibitions. 

Andy Pham & Yves Elizalde


Missing Population

This project draws from several years of photographically documenting the city of New Orleans. The images represent a wider outlook of the place in comparison to the geographic, cultural, and demographic constraints of typical tourism photography. As New Orleans natives, we are interested in showing the essence of the city underneath the façade of tourism, gentrification, and transplant culture. The work speaks about the city and its movement, foundations, symbolism, and strength.

Ohm Phanphiroj


Ohm Phanphiroj is a truly international photographer, filmmaker, storyteller, and lecturer with an impressive CV packed with academic, career, and personal achievements all over the planet. 

Underage is a film about underage male prostitutes in Thailand. “I created the film to raise awareness about sexual exploitation against minors in hope of finding resolution and to stop this from happening. “

Ohm has provided 3 highly emotional and thought-provoking prints from this film.

Additional Artists & Events for Opening Reception (12/11/21 from 6p to 10p)

Rodney Asevedo

Rodney is a painter and sculptor and will be showing two paintings based on Christopher Ryan’s photography.

Wendy Haines

Wendy is a self-taught artist who works with many mediums and loves to incorporate reclaimed items into her work. Her store will feature her own artwork along with pieces from other local art​ists.

Amy Newell

Amy Newell received her BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1993 and her MFA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1999. She is an active printmaker and collage artist who currently lives and works in New Orleans,

Louisiana. Newell is the founder of Rigamarole Press, a letterpress and etching studio located in Arabi, Louisiana. Amy has exhibited her work both nationally and internationally and shows locally with BrickRed Gallery. Her work is included

in permanent collections such as United Therapeutic, Washington, D.C.; Weisman Art Museum, Minneapolis, MN; The University of Dallas, Dallas, TX; Shands Hospital, Gainesville, FL and the Madison Children’s Museum, Madison, WI.

For the past 20 years Amy Newell’s work has been a combination of collage and printmaking.
She is seduced by a worked, worn surface and drawn to objects with a history. Newell tends to
work on a very small scale encouraging close inspection.
Amy’s recent series of mixed media collages combines found photographs with embroidery
thread. The figures have been removed from the photographs: cut out, manipulated, stitched
over and replaced. Is the figure willingly camouflaged in nature or has nature engulfed and
taken over the figure? The work speaks to family history and personal connections to the past.
Over time, nature erodes, alters and consumes neglected and unused spaces. Similarly, time
can break down and make malleable our thoughts and remembrances of our histories. How do
we rebuild our memories and catalogue our past, both consciously and unconsciously? And
how do these rewritten stories shape our current and future selves? Our ability to sharpen or
soften how we recall a moment in time allows us to revise our story, for better or for worse.
This untitled series of mixed media collage explores these ideas of time, memory and the ability
to reconstruct remembrances from the past.

Jill Stoll


Jill Stoll gathers what is lost and broken, be it metaphorical shards, sparks, husks or

physical family snapshots, printed ephemera, and handheld objects. She endeavors to

repair and make them whole again in her studio, where she navigates between control

and release, analog and digital.

Her Woman Standing Alone series uses orphaned vernacular photographs from the 20 th

century of woman standing alone within the picture frame. Faces lost to history; never to

be reunited with their families and destined to remain nameless. Are they lost by choice?

Whose gaze do they meet behind the camera before the shutter is released? Evidence

of a life but what to make of it now?

Stoll has a BFA, University of North Texas and an MFA, Cranbrook Academy of Art and

teaches design at Tulane University School of Architecture.

Zeitgeist Theatre & Lounge

Located immediately next door will host a reception and exhibition concurrently as well as screenings from Ohm Phanphiroj’s Underage at 5:30 PM and 6:30 PM.