The following images are available for re-use by media organizations for the purposes of publicizing the New Orleans Drawing Group Member’s Exhibition.

All artists have explicitly agreed that these images may be used for the above-listed purposes. Please note that the first image is the official promotional image of the exhibition.  


“Dreaming of Away”
by: Darlene Bigus-Doheny


“Dreaming of Away”
by: Darlene Bigus-Doheny


“Profile” by: Sarah Burnette


“Journey Daybook Page #1” by: Margaret Pulis Herrick


“I’m hanging out on Monday My Sunday dream’s to dry” by: Leon Hinson

“Another Feather In His Cap” by: Katy Despot


“In Another World” by: Jill Storey


“The end of day” by: Fang Sullivan


“Conversation” by: Denise Vitollo


“Woman With Tattoo” by: Barbara Siede