Louisiana Fish and Wildlife Photography and Art Exhibition

If you are an artist ready to submit, please go to the open call at  https://louisiana-fish-and-wildlife.artcall.org/

Louisiana is famous for many things: Mardi Gras, music, a rich culture, fascinating history, and also our abundant fish and wildlife.  Arabi Visual Arts is pleased to present an exhibition of photography and art in this exhibition from May 13th through July 2, 2023.  The exhibition consists of the following features:

  • Juried photography and art in the main gallery
  • Curated photography and art in the common galleries of the St. Claude Arts Building
  • Kids photography & Art
  • Vella Vetro Art Glass Pairings

Juried Photography and Art

Cash Award for top ranked submission!

Our jury partner for this exhibition is Healthy Gulf.  Healthy Gulf’s purpose is to collaborate with and serve communities who love the Gulf of Mexico by providing the research, communications, and coalition-building tools needed to reverse the long pattern of over exploitation of the Gulf’s natural resources.

Healthy Gulf team members will rank submissions based on authenticity (does the image truly represent LOUISIANA fish & wildlife), originality, composition, and quality.

Thirty  images will be selected to be physically displayed in the main gallery based on jury ranking.

All submissions will be available on the Web Gallery even if not selected by the jury or curator.

Cash Prize – First Place

The top winner in this category will receive a $350 cash award sponsored by Art Span NOLA.

Second Place Prize

The second place winner will receive a 90 minute portfolio review by Constance Lewis.

Curated Photography and Art

Arabi Visual Arts owner Christopher Ryan will pull from the remaining entries not selected by the jury to be displayed in the common galleries of the St. Claude Arts Building.  These selections are based on factors such as artistic quality, local artist inclusiveness, and the desire to represent a broad spectrum of Louisiana Fish & Wildlife.

Cash Prize!

The top winner in this category will receive a $150 cash award sponsored by Art Span NOLA.

Second place winner will receive a $100 studio credit for use at Arabi Visual Arts for studio rentals or other services.

The winner will be determined by in-person voting (of the curated work).  The votes will be tallied on June 30th and the winner will be invited to attend the closing reception on July 2nd.

Kids Photography & Art

Entries for this category will open up on April 3rd.

Parents can submit two types of entries:

  • Kids Photos: (age 17 and younger) in fish & wildlife situations.  These can be fishing, hunting, or  participating in nature activities.
  • Kids Art: Art related to Louisiana fish & wildlife drawn by kids (age 17 and younger).

Winners will be determined by internet vote.  Arabi Visual Arts will print and display the top 10 in each category based on internet vote.  Gallery visitors will then vote to determine the top winner from these images.

Cash Prize!

The top finalist in each category will receive a $100 cash prize PLUS a $250 gift certificate sponsored by Arabi Visual Arts.

Vella Vetro Art Glass Pairings

Arabi Visual Arts is proud to represent the work of local artist James Vella.  Mr. Vella is known for his stunningly realistic hand-sculpted glass depicting Louisiana fish & wildlife.  Selected works from his gallery, Vella Vetro Art Glass will be paired with both jury-selected and curated works submitted to the exhibition to create a unique experience for gallery visitors.

Visiting the Exhibition

Regular gallery hours during the exhibition are Wednesday through Sunday, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

School groups and private showings for serious collectors can be made at other times outside of these hours.

Arabi Visual Arts is located at 6707 St. Claude Avenue on the St. Claude Arts Campus in the Arabi Arts District.

Please contact Christopher Ryan at 504-373-9476 for further information.