Free FEET Drawing Sessions with Live Model


Now Through June 14, 2022


In conjunction with “Extremities – An Exhibition of Hands and Feet“, Arabi Visual Arts owner Christopher Ryan will be offering one-on-one drawing sessions with a focus on the feet.  This is an excellent opportunity to get some practice and focus on the details of the human foot with a live model!  Gain experience drawing or painting the soles, toes, ankles, blood vessels, etc. in a quiet & private environment.

Artists can choose the gallery background with a variety of beautiful art work related to hands and feet, blackout curtain background, or look around and find something else to their liking.

This is available by appointment between the hours of 11:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday until June 14th.

Christopher has nearly 30 years of experience modeling for painters, photographers, and bodypainters all over the world.  

The only request is that each artist photograph their work and share on social media with a link to the exhibition.  Please allow Christopher to take a photo of your work as well.  

Please be aware that the session could possibly be interrupted if there are exhibition visitors.  

We can consult together to determine poses and length of each time and artists are welcome to take a photo to continue their work later.

To schedule, call Chris at 504-373-9476.