We are always open to opportunities to work with creatives of all types.  If you are an artist, producer, exhibitor, etc. please inquire about submitting a proposal.

Current Exhibition

Metamorphosis: From Marginal to Magnificent

Please note this exhibition has moved to the Tate Etienne and Prevost Center located one mile from our gallery on the same street. 


We are excited and honored that a subset of the Metamorphosis exhibition has been moved to the Tate, Etienne and Prevost Center at 5909 St. Claude Avenue.  

Metamorphosis: From Marginal to Magnificent

Upcoming Exhibitions

New Orleans Drawing Group Exhibition

Past Exhibitions

The Naked Experience


Violated Metropolis – A photographic look at Urban Exploration, Roof-topping, Street Art, and Blight


Extremities: an Exhibition of Hands & Feet


image of the soles of a nude man's feet



A Celebration of the Human Body